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Preschool starts August 26!  Call for more information!




 "Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it." - Proverbs 22:6


We understand the importance of quality childcare.  We are a faith based daycare and preschool center that operates out of the Emmanuel Baptist Church.  We accept children 1 - 4 years of age.




Prices are as follows:

1 year old - Full Time $130 per week; Part Time $90 per week
2 year old - Full Time $120 per week; Part Time $85 per week
3 & 4 year olds - Full Time $115 per week; Part Time $80 per week

We use only the ABeka Curriculum from Pensacola Christian College. Our teachers are certified in CPR and First Aid.  They each have a clear testimony of salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ. They also have passed a State and Federal background check.

Meet our teachers...
1 year old - Mrs. Sallie Forehand and Miss Kailyn Jones
2 year old - Mrs. Kathleen Congdon and Mrs. Denise James
3 year old - Mrs. Melanie Prewitt and Mrs. Joanne Rives
4 year old - Mrs. Sue Bray and Mrs. Sarah Coley

Please call if you have any questions about the Daycare or if you would like to place your child in our care.

(252) 335-1617 Mr. Kevin Senn (Director)