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Start the new school year with great new tools to teach and bond with your children! Prepare your children for the future in a fun way! Join Keepers of the Faith!  It is a complete Christ-centered scouting-style program where children learn skills that are kept in the traditions of the home and church. It stresses Christian attitudes and habits while teaching a wide array of practical skills—skills that are critical for children who will develop into complete and competent adults. This program will teach and inspire children toward fulfilling God's plan for them.  With an emphasis on learning not competing, hard work, character and perseverance are encouraged and rewarded through a system of badges.





We have Keepers (girls) and Contenders (boys) who meet every Wednesday night at 7pm starting Sept 4th - May.

Litte Keepers/Contenders - ages 3-6

Keepers/Contenders of the Faith - ages 7-16